Torpedo Bay Navy Museum

National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy

The Navy museum is across Auckland harbour from the city centre. It's quite a nice ferry ride to Devonport and then a stroll along the coastal road to Torpedo Bay where the museum is located.

View back across the harbour to the city centre.

The New Zealand Navy is based at Devonport and a small navy museum was established in 1974. The current museum is quite new and was opened in 2010. The buildings that houses the museum though date back to 1896 and were constructed as a base to control naval mines at the mouth of the Waitemata harbour.

The exhibits relate to New Zealand's naval history back to the 1840s.

A replica ship's cabin.

Maori cloak.

A section of the museum has large picture windows which look over the harbour to the Auckland city centre.

This little display really interested me, it's a sailor's collection from when he spent time in Japan at the end of World War II. There are postcards, photographs he took and a Japanese model of a theatre performance.

There's a cafe at the museum as well as a children's playground outside. Behind the museum and up the hill is the World War II bunker and gun placement. You can explore the tunnels and see old guns, canons and searchlights.

The museum is free to visit, the walk from the ferry wharf is an easy one along the harbour with picturesque old homes lining the road.