Hilton Karon Beach Resort and Spa

Phuket, Karon Beach 

Not a normal hotel review as I didn't actually stay in this resort but rather went to a birthday celebration and was able to spend time in there.

View of resort from beachside entrance, it's a very large resort with separate buildings housing the accomodation. 

The resort has 5 pools so even with the large number of occupants doesn't seem to appear crowded. Here people were finishing off their breakfast by the pool.

This little hut? folly? gazebo? not sure what it was called in the gardens between the lobby building and one of the accomodation buildings.

Beachside pool, for the guests who wanted to experience sand without actually stepping on the beach! The beach was just across the road, literally a 2 minute walk away and the ocean was beautiful and warm.

View from a sea view room balcony, the beachside pool with Karon Beach beyond.

Still Karon Beach looking north (ish!)

Just next to the beach road entrance to the resort, this Buddhist shrine with offerings.

The resort seemed to be very popular with conventions, the lobby area was always crowded even if the pools weren't! The resort has extensive grounds and even has its own little tractor bus to bring guests to the lobby from the entrance on the main road (not the beach road, where the lobby was just a stroll away) And being a 'resort and spa' it had sporting facilities, such as tennis courts and a spa which offered massages.