Brighton, Adelaide

Brighton, South Australia

This past northern summer I visited the British city of Brighton and had a brief thought about the other Brightons there are, 2 beachside suburbs in Australian cities (Adelaide and Melbourne) are named Brighton. Adelaide's even has a nearby suburb of Hove to match the UK, Brighton and Hove towns.

The Brighton in Adelaide is a suburb, it has a jetty, a main street and is surrounded by residential housing. It's a nice area to live in and visit with a variety of cafes to pass the time.

The Adelaide Brighton has a jetty, this is the latest version of the jetty as it was rebuilt after a bad storm, complete with mobile phone tower at the end! Not quite the amusement pier of Brighton, UK!

Warmer weather at Brighton Adelaide, means palms trees and in the background are Norfolk pines, which line the coastal Adelaide beaches.

The Brighton Adelaide beach is sandy, no pebbles here! There was also either a surf competition (As in Surf Livesavers, the clubs have juniors and run events for them on the weekend) or just a training session for the juniors, that's the crowd at the left of the picture.

The main road which leads to the jetty is called (rather creatively!!) Jetty Road, there's the pub on the left and other small businesses along the road.

Jetty Road cafes and shops, all very suburban and local so nice to stroll around.

The Arch of Remembrance at the end of Jetty Road, the original arch built in the 1920s was destroyed by storms so this is the rebuilt version. Brighton is one of the older Adelaide suburbs and the people who lived there were slightly better off financially and could afford to build something grand (at the time) as their memorial to the war dead.

Interesting to me at least is that plaques are still being added to the arch for wars and conflicts that Australians fought in since WWII. The Afghanistan wreath just has a beginning date and no end date. The others are Gulf War (1 and 2) East Timor, the older ones are Vietnam and Korea.

Brighton is a lovely area and the cafes on Jetty Road are perfect for a leisurely lunch, or coffee on a lazy day.