PuttaMongkon Temple Phuket

PuttaMongkon Temple


When travelling it's always nice when you stumble upon a site just by accident. That's what happened with my visit to the PuttaMongkon Temple. In my quest to see the Sino-Portuguese buildings of Old Phuket Town I had caught a taxi to Thalong Road. There's a small side street to Thalong Road called Soi Romanee (more on that another time), I walked down Soi Romanee to Dikuk Road and there in front of me was a brightly coloured temple. A total surprise no idea I was anywhere near a temple. It was absolutely beautiful, I loved all the bright colours. The wall to the temple grounds had a sign in Thai, not a language I'm literate in! I had to research it later to find out it's called PuttaMongkon Temple and it's often referred to as Wat Kiang which means 'centre temple' as it's in the centre of the town.

View from the main entrance which is on Thepkasastri Road, I entered by the side entrance as that's the one I saw on Dikuk Road.

Detail of the front of the temple, it was open so possible to go inside. Just remove your shoes first.

Inside the temple, it wasn't very big, but obviously used as there were fans and a microphone for the monk.

Part of the temple grounds, there was also a large Sino-Portuguese style mansion which I've since read is used as a dormitory for the monks.

Temple bell.

The temple complex is really lovely, worth a stroll around. A useful bit of information if you're looking for a taxi is that some drivers wait in the grounds. I needed to catch a taxi to get back to the Shopping Complex the hotel shuttle left from, so after my meandering around Old Phuket Town finished, I returned to the temple grounds and caught a taxi to where I needed to go.

Had a cute and funny encounter with a local in the grounds as well. A young guy riding on a motorcycle with an open sidecar rode past me and he called out 'taxi?' I replied "no thanks" and he added "fully air-conditioned!" referring to the sidecar! Ok, so I was amused!