Hotel VOI Oriente, Bari

Hotel VOI Oriente, Bari

Lovely historic hotel

Hotel VOI Oriente

Perhaps as Bari really isn't on the average visitor to Italy's map, I was really impressed by the price and quality of this hotel. It had a 3 star price for a 4/5 star hotel.

The streets cape outside the hotel, the ocean is a short stroll down the side street at the left of the picture.

Great location, it's about a 15 minute walk from the train station. The newer part of Bari is on a grid so easy to get around. It was a 5 minute stroll from the old historic part of the city and just around the corner from the ocean. The main shopping district was located between the hotel and the train station so close by as well.

The rooftop terrace, before it officially opened at 10am!

The hotel had a roof top terrace, a reading room with books, magazines and newspapers (in Italian!) Still a nice touch and my mother appreciated it and spent time there. What really impressed me was the breakfast which is included in the price. By the time I stayed here I had experienced a few different hotel's inclusive breakfast, and this was one was the best by far. So much choice, there were 3 different areas set up, with cereals, cooked breakfast eggs etc, fruit, yoghurt, pastries, choice of juices and hot drinks. (There seemed to be a conference on at the time we were there, with various young Italian business types at the breakfast tables. The selection was wasted on them as they sipped their cafe latte and then left!)
The front desk staff were very helpful and made staying at the hotel a pleasant experience.

The bathroom had a multitude of towels, the regular ones fluffy towelling ones and the traditional Italian thinner linen towels.

It was a beautiful old building (my reason for choosing this particular hotel!!) and had been renovated a few years ago.

I liked this hotel and would recommend it for anyone planning on spending a few days in Bari.

The foyer with the glass doors exiting onto the street.