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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dubrovnik, Nishta Restaurant

Nishta Restaurant

Eating vegetarian, vegan and gluten free in Dubrovnik

After my fail at attempting to eat vegan in London (see my Mildred's restaurant review I made another attempt in Dubrovnik. Walking down the main street that bisects the 2 parts of Dubrovnik, I saw a sign advertising a vegetarian restaurant. The sign had an arrow pointing down a small side street with stairs, two days into my stay I decided to follow the sign.

Nishta Restaurant, the green tabletops are the outdoor eating area. This restaurant street runs parallel to the Stradun.

The restaurant I ended up having lunch was called Nishta, I was interested in eating food that was different, made by chefs who could use a creative combination of ingredients. That's just what I found at Nishta, for lunch that day I ordered a pasta dish. The pasta was made from hemp seed flour, the sauce was made from dried tomatoes, olives, capers and a local mediterranean herb.

 It was delicious, and I wished I had decided to look for this restaurant on my first day in Dubrovnik! I planned on eating my way through the menu. Unfortunately for me, this particular day was Saturday and when I arrived the next day, I discovered that they didn't open on Sunday! I was very disappointed!

This restaurant has a high recommendation from me, in a tourist town it offers food that is different from the norm. It's creative and delicious, I even like the way they presented the bill to you, in a little box!

The English version of their website for anyone wanting to see their menu.

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