Lugano, Switzerland

One of my many favourite places!

Como is just up near the Italian Swiss border and right across that border in Switzerland is one of my favourite places, Lugano. I was taken there as a child by my relatives in Milan and loved it. I think it helped that it was during the summer, so the lake was gorgeous, the mountains were high and green and the town itself was typical Switzerland, clean, organized and tidy. Even as a child I liked places where there was organisation, I wasn’t overly fond of Italy! My love affair with Switzerland began there.

Lugano is an easy trip to make from Como, taking a regional train (cheaper it just makes more frequent stops) it takes about 40 minutes from the Como San Giovanni station. So off I went for the afternoon.

Be warned the Lugano train station is on the side of the mountain above the town, so it’s a steep walk down to the centre and the lake. Currently they are rebuilding the train station so it looks like a building site! Once down to the lakeside it’s fairly level so easy to walk around.

Part of the pedestrian walkway down to the lake.

Lake Lugano is lovely, and for me this visit quite peaceful. Two years ago when I visited, it just happened to be when a Harley Davidson meeting/convention was on. The peaceful lake was constantly being disturbed by the roar of Harley Davidson motorbikes!!! There was a constant “Rrrrrrrmmmmm” as they circled the lake, ruined the whole lake ambiance!

July 2013 Harley Davidson Convention!

This time it was lovely and peaceful, not very crowded as it wasn’t the weekend, had a late lunch in one of the squares, the one closest to the lake was set up for an outdoor concert and soundchecks were going on, so not so quiet! And then climbed back up the hill to catch the train back to Como.

The southern part of Switzerland where Lugano is situated is in the Italian speaking part. It’s the smallest of the language regions of Switzerland, and that’s the language that is in everyday use. It’s interesting how you can go to different parts of Switzerland and the language changes, from Italian to French to German.

It was a really nice way to spend an afternoon, a short train journey, a different country, more stunning scenery and then return to Como.

Over the rooftops, view from the train station.